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Event Format

The event will follow a similar format as its big brother but obviously because this is a shorter event and held in the UK it will have some differences. 

The rough layout of the event is below:

  • Wed

    • 1400 Registration Open

    • 1900 BBQ / Hog Roast

    • 2000 Guest Speaker

  • Thu

    • 0745 Registration Closed

    • 0800 Photo

    • 0815  Brief

    • 0830 Draw

    • 0915  Move to swims and Set up / Marker / Bait up

    • 1300  Competition STARTS...

  • Fri

    • 1300 24hrs

  • Sat

    • 1300 48hrs

  • Sun

    • 1300 Competition ENDS

    • 1400 Presentations and Prize Giving

All timings are subject to change and these are just displayed as a guide, please check your issued booklet on registration.

If you have any questions then feel free to send them in to us and we will answer any concerns you may have or check the paperwork section as that may well hold the answer you are looking for. 

Russ and Tim


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