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Group Shots 2014+

Here is the Group Shots from each of the years the event has taken place.

The first couple 2014, 2015 were from Abbey when the event was held there but in 2018 we moved back to UK due to demand.

Group Shot 2014.jpg

FCC (Summer) 2014

Group Shot

Group 2015.JPG

FCC (Summer) 2015

Group Shot

Group 2018.JPG

FCC (UK) 2018

Group Shot

GoH: Ian Russell

Group Shot 2019.JPG

FCC (UK) 2019

Group Shot

GoH: Ian Chilcott

Group Shot 2020.png

FCC (UK) 2020

Group Shot

Group 2021.JPG

FCC (UK) 2021

Group Shot

GoH: Covid.

Group Shot 2022.jpg

FCC (UK) 2022

Group Shot

GoH: Simon Scott

FCC-UK 2023 Group Shot_edited.jpg

FCC (UK) 2023

Group Shot

GoH: Simon Crow

Group Shot 2024.JPG

FCC (UK) 2024

Group Shot

GoH: Adam Penning

Well you have to be in the event to win it, so if you want to get your name on the trophy and take those winnings home contact us to find out if places are available.  Due to the very nature of the event, based around the Armed Forces, there are normally always places available.  Hope to hear from you soon?

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