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The first FCC - UK event has been held but back in 2014 and 2015 an FCC - Summer event was run and proved very successful.  It followed the exact same format as the winter event but instead of being held in October it was ran in June.

The first year was fished with just 13 x pairs and only on Heron Lake at Abbey, France.  The following year due to demand the event was expanded and grew to accommodate 26 x pairs, fished on two lakes (Heron & Fox).

Sadly the second event wasn't as successful as the first and due to the demands of trying to run two week long events & both having a "day job" it was decided that this event would stop.

Now in 2017 due to the huge demand for places at the FCC it has been decided that a smaller event based in the UK would be run and provide a filter / taster for the larger FCC event each October.  Hence the FCC - UK has been born & devised.

We hope that you will support the event and show us the demand for places is there, even though it is a shorter & smaller event.

Russ and Tim


Group Shot 2015

6.  Group shot small.jpg

Group Shot 2018

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Group Shot 2019

1. FCC-Uk Group Shot.png

Group Shot 2020


Group Shot 2021


Group Shot 2022

FCC-UK 2023 Group Shot_edited.jpg

Group Shot 2023

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