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Tim Gray - The Sergeant Major


Tim has been organising and running carp events for the last 20 years, from small intimate events with 5 anglers right up to the World Carp Classic in 2006 with 175 x pairs (350 anglers), which at the time was the biggest event around.

He ran the BACC - British Army Carp Classic from 2001 until 2008, when the event was getting too big for him alone to run & organise.  In late 2008 Russ came on board to help him, they turned the BACC into a new event the Forces Carp Classic (FCC) which has run annually since then.  It has grown from some 25 anglers in the beginning to the current 100 anglers who attend each year.

Tim is also a keen carp angler and try's to ave a couple of overnighters each week at his local lake and at least 1 x trip to France fishing each year.


Tim Gray - The Sergeant Major
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